Pattie PTCO Minutes 
November 20, 2018

Members in attendance: Mary Jeanne Kellogg, Brandon Link, Dana Mullins, Tiffany Turner- Bell, Evan Bolick, Bo Jumbercotta, Lindsay Diamond, Lorelei Kennedy, Angie Jeffcoat, Jessica Johnson, Mickel Lewis, Pauline Chapman, RJ Lucciotti, and Jennifer Kellogg


Bo called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

Parliamentarian Report


We have about 100 members. There six new memberships. Everyone is welcome to join.

Treasurer’s Report

· budget

· turkey trot

· spirit night


We spent $270.48 for the ice cream social. The spirit nights made $334.61. A note will be sent home to families to remind them of amazon smile. It donates money to the PTCO. The Turkey Trot made $8,017.13. A giant thank you to Mrs. Helchinger and Mrs. Peschel for getting volunteers and donors. We have been selling at after school events.

Ice Cream Social

The ice cream social went very well. We scooped 625 cups of ice cream. The toppings went with the Harry Potter theme.

Penguin Patch

· sign up genius

· set-up

· schedule

The Penguin Patch will be open all week of December 3rd. The sign up has already gone out to the teachers. It will be in the science lab. There will be 10 scholarships per grade level for $7. A sign up genius will be sent out looking for volunteers. Teachers will be given folders that have fliers and frequently asked questions. The company sends boxes of free gifts. Kids will be able to go shopping for gifts. If you have any questions, see Dana.

Vice President’s Report

Turkey Trot was a huge success. Kids had a blast. Shirts and prizes will be delivered around December 10th. At the December meeting we will have a short business meeting but then have a social gathering.

Principal’s Report


Thank you to everyone for all the work that has been done. We need more Watch Dogs. Watch Dog sign up is on the Pattie web site. We are also looking for reading volunteers. They will come in weekly to read with a child.

President’s Report

There is going to be a box-top competition. Each grade level winner could have popcorn and a movie. Thank you to all the volunteers.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 pm.

October 16, 2018

Members present: Bo Jumbercotta, Angie Jeffcoat, Mickel Lewis, Jessica Johnson, Dana Mullins, Emmanuel Prempeh, Brandon Link, Lindsay Diamond, Inita Nesmith, Guinevere Rowell, Mary Jeanne Kellogg, Stephanie Mumford, Mia Simpson, Mary Hustwayte, Tedra Hayden, Cherkia Burrell, Evan Bolick, Grace Oseltawiah, Tiffany Turner- Bell, RJ Lucciotti and Jennifer Kellogg


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm. Everyone introduced themselves.

Parliamentarian Report

We have 138 members. We continue to grow and will bring membership forms to all events.

Treasure’s Report

We started with $4, 920.44. We made about $800 selling spirit wear at the Back-to-School Nights. We made about $575 in membership dues. Expenses we had to pay was to Hard Hits (spirit wear) for $1,667.94.  Our ending balance is $5,359.64.

Vice President’s Report

We have ordered more spirit wear. Turkey Trot informational fliers are being sent home on Friday. On October 26th, a second flier will be sent home about sponsorships and pledges. All teachers will get a Trot Squad t-shirt.  This is our big fundraiser. We only want to have 1 or 2 fundraisers. Students who earn $200 get to toilet paper Mr. Lucciotti. We are working on an electronic/ pay pal donation. We are looking for a DJ or DJ equipment for the event.

Fifth grade is sponsoring a breakfast for Veterans. There is a sign-up genius to help. Another sign-up will be sent for the November 6th conference day to provide dinner for the teachers. There is an option to donate money if you are unable to bring food.

Ice Cream Social

The ice cream social is on October 24th from 5-7 pm. The theme is Harry Potter. A sign-up genius has been sent out to help set up, scoop, and/or clean up.

Principal’s Report

The teachers and staff appreciate everything the PTCO has done for them.

The new element shirts are available for parents to buy.

The fifth grade is highlighting our Veterans. There will be a breakfast. Veterans will be guest readers in the classrooms. Anyone can stay and help with the Turkey Trot.

To encourage the love of reading, we are participating in One Book One School. We call it PARTY time (Panthers All Read Together Yea.) This month we read We Are All Wonders. Additionally, all classes have reading buddies and book reviews are given on the morning announcements.

The construction is finally over. There is some leftover money.  Th school bought a subscription to the web site MyOn. It has leveled books the kids can access. Kindles have been purchased for students in grades 2 – 4. The fifth graders have laptops. Anyone would like to help Mrs. Seamster set up the Kindles it would be appreciated.

We updated our mission and vision statements. Our vision is the place you want to be. Our mission is passion, pride, performance and positivity.

President’s Report

Thank you for everything the staff has done,

We have at-large positions open, so the transition of boards will go smoothly. Please let us know if you are interested.

Third grade is sponsoring the spirit night on November 8th at Chick-Fil-A.

Second grade sponsored El Paso Night. There were thunderstorms. The second grade team can talk with Lindsay Diamond about sponsoring another night.

The next meeting is November 20th.

The Penguin Patch will be held December 3- 7 in the science lab.

New Business

There is a sign up for dads, uncles, grandfathers to be Watchdogs.  All are welcomed.

Adjourned at 8:00 pm.


PTCO Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2018

Members in Attendance:

Angie Jeffcoat, Mickel Lewis, Bo Jumbercotta, Madelyn Easterly, Catherine Caseman, Mary Jeanne Kellogg, Wendy Jumbercotta, Inita Nesmith, Lisa Snyder, Arletta Medina, Pauline Grant-Chapman, Meghan LeBel, Jenn Buky, Mary Hustwayte, Lindsay Diamond, Jessica Johnson, Brandon Link, RJ Lucciotti, Tiffany Turner- Bell, Leakhena Swett, Lorelei Kennedy, Onicia Mitchell, Cherikia Burell and Jennifer Kellogg


Bo called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

Parliamentarian Report


Applications were sent home with students, We have 133 members- 53 teachers and 80 parents.

Treasurer’s Report


The starting budget was $11, 418.30. Expenses so far have been teacher start-up money, kindergarten t-shirts and boo hoo breakfast. At this time we have $4, 920.44.

Vice President’s Report


A schedule of dates was handed out. A sign up genius will be sent out for ice cream scooping. We are looking for people to be on a Turkey Trot committee. A flat donation will be collected; it is not per lap. We are also looking for sponsors for the Turkey Trot. There will be prizes for money collection. Spirit wear will be sold at Back-to-School nights and at the ice cream social.

Box Tops for Education

A flier has been sent home. We have made around $800.00. The summer collection made about $175. The next collection is due November 1st.

Ice Cream Social/ Book Fair


The ice cream social is October 24th. We are looking for someone to chair the event. A lot of helpers are needed; look for sign up genius, There will be a teacher preview. Teachers will be able to pick books for wish lists and enjoy a treat.

Principal’s Report


Mr. Lucciotti is on a quest to adjust the school’s mission and vision. The school is working on student engagement, mastering the basics, reaching all learners, and reading engagement,

President’s Report

Bo thanked everyone for coming. We encourage people to participate. Anyone can join, This year grade levels are able to sponsor spirit nights. Second grade is sponsoring El Paso spirit night on October 11th. Kindergarten is sponsoring Chuck E. Cheese night on March 14th.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.