Resources for Keeping Reading Alive All Summer!

Please read for 15-20 minutes daily.

*Students currently have access to these programs. However, we are unsure how long some of them will be available.

*Students have access to some of these applications by logging into their Clever accounts.

Literacy Footprints (

Storyline Online (

Unite for Literacy (

Username: Learning20          Password: Clifford

Username: pattie          Password: school

BrainPOP Jr. ( )

Username: pattie          Password: pattie

Username: pattie          Password: pattie


Welcome to first grade in room 236!
I am looking forward to a fun filled year learning together!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason at

Follow our class on Twitter for updates, reminders and
 to see what our firsties are learning-
"Mrs. lutjen'slittlelearners"

First Grade Virtual Supply List



composition journals

1 plastic pencil box

pencil sharpener

 glue sticks

box of crayons

 black dry erase markers
Dry erase board
1 blunt-tip scissors
1 folder with pockets
jump rope (for PE)
Rubber playground ball (7-10 inches-something that can be kicked, dribbled, thrown and caught for PE)
1 tray of watercolors (for art)
pad of colored construction paper (for art)
white drawing paper and paint paper (for art)


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