Download Animal Mashup Challenge PowerPoint for more details and examples at the following link Animal Mashup PPT.  The gist of the challenge is as follows:

•  Explore the San Diego Zoo Kids website at to learn about different animals.

•  Create your own new creature from a mashup of two animals. Draw and color a picture of your creation, or make it on your computer using Wixie, PowerPoint, or any other program. Then, give your new animal a name.  Take it to the next level by creating an information page on your new animal for the San Diego Zoo using Adobe Spark, PowerPoint, or other program.

•  Hop over to FlipGrid to show us your picture and tell us about it.

Virtual Earth Week in PWCS
Click here to access the Virtual Earth Week Calendar below to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day by participating in a Virtual Spirit Week of Sustainability and STEM-related activities.  Links are available on the pdf.