Dear Students and Families,

We hope you are all doing well with this new world we are living in right now.  We miss you daily whether it is seeing you during speech/language sessions or around the school hallways.  We don’t know about you, but we miss our daily routine.  We are working hard at home between taking care of our families, keeping in touch with our families and friends that we do not see in person, Zoom meetings, and researching resources to support you at home.

Even though we are not at school please remember to focus in on your speech sounds, maintain your fluency skills, and use full sentences to communicate.  Parents, let your child know that you value what your child is trying to communicate even if you have trouble understanding them the first time.  If they start to get frustrated encourage them to find another way to explain it (other words, gestures, pictures, written words).  There are so many fun ways to stay engaged with your learning.  Learning doesn't just happen when we are in a building or location.  Here are just a few ways you can practice your speech/language skills at home:

Write a letter/email to a friend, relative or to one of us.  We would love to read your letters!  If you write us a letter, we will be sure to write you back.  You can email any of us or take a picture of your letter and email it to for Mrs. Carter; for Ms. Costescu, or for Mrs. Mahafkey. 

Cook in the kitchen and follow a recipe.  Practice your speech sounds while reading aloud the recipe.  Maintain your fluency/smooth speech while reading the recipe.  Explain the sequence of events needed to complete the recipe.  Don’t forget the small in-between steps needed to complete the recipe (i.e., if you talk about putting an item in the oven you also have to talk about taking it out before it can be eaten). 

Read books and discuss the characters, setting and events.  Have someone ask you wh- questions about the story.  Respond in full sentences.

Take a walk outside and look for items with your speech sound or search for items that have a specific function (i.e., something that flies) or attributes (i.e., parts, color, size, texture). 

Play “I Spy.”  Describe what you spy and then have someone guess the name of what you’re describing.  Take turns. 

Play typical board games (i.e., Candyland, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Pop the Pig).  Work on taking turns and using appropriate social skills.  Pair the games with various speech/language tasks (i.e., practice your sounds, answer wh- questions).

Please also look on the useful links page and files/documents page for additional resources. 

Feel free to email any of us with any questions or concerns. 

Please check back periodically.  We will be updating resources as we find materials that are beneficial to the students.

During this time be sure to get some fresh air, exercise and rest.  We look forward to seeing you again!