Student Teaching and Internships in PWCS


Why intern in PWCS?

  • Each student teacher or intern is placed with a master educator recommended by program, content, and school leaders.
  • Cooperating teachers are provided the opportunity to complete Division-based training in instructional coaching.
  • Student teachers are invited to participate in professional learning, including Educator Support Sessions, providing the opportunity to engage with beginning educators and teacher leaders and the Student Teaching/Internship Conference with leaders from the Department of Human Resources and representatives from the Office of Professional Learning.
  • PWCS hires hundreds of educators annually to keep pace with our growing School Division.

Requirements for Practicum Students, Interns, and Student Teachers

Teaching/Counseling/Other Internships

No later than July 1 (for fall placement) or November 1 (for spring placement), students interested in completing a practicum or internship with PWCS must:

  1. Complete a PWCS Volunteer online application.

  2. Obtain a negative Tuberculosis (TB) test result (PDF) dated within the last 12 months at a medical facility of your choosing.

  3. Read, print, and complete the acknowledgement form for Regulation 511.10-1 Submit to the school of assignment's office the first day you report. If you are placed in multiple schools, you should submit a form to each school.

Once your placement has been approved, you will be e-mailed directions to complete an online orientation and come to the Kelly Leadership Center for fingerprint/mandate processing.

If you are a current employee, including substitute, and you have already completed this process you do not need to do so again at this time.

It is strongly recommended that these requirements are met immediately, rather than waiting until the deadline.

Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating teachers are invited to complete the OPD 824: PWCS Mentor Institute or OPD 875:Cognitive Coaching SM.


Questions regarding student teaching or internship?

Contact the Office of Recruitment & Specialty Programs at

Fall 2021 Practicum Placement Request Form 

Spring 2022  Student Teacher/Practicum Placement Request Form (This form should be used for all Student Teaching, Practicum and all Field Placements greater than observation and/or 15 hours/week or 40 hours in total. This form should be utilized for OT and PT placements as well.)

Spring 2022 Counseling Practicum/Internship Placement Request
(This form should be used for counseling internship requests expected to last more than 40 hours.)

Student Teaching and Internship Regulation