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The Encore Team!

PE, Art, Music, Research & Design Center


We hope that you are staying safe and healthy!  We miss you and are eager to see your smiling faces again soon.

Until then, we will be creating, reading, writing, dancing, singing, and staying active and healthy from home!

Here you will find information about what to expect from Encore at home, as well as our rotation schedule.
Please contact us with any questions!
❤️ The Encore Team
Heather Abbott (Art) - abbotthx@pwcs.edu
Amanda Baughman (Music) -baughmax@pwcs.edu
Ashleigh Braxton (PE) - braxtoam@pwcs.edu
Doug Gilbert (PE) -gilberde@pwcs.edu
Patti Motley (Library) - motleyp@pwcs.edu
Dana Smtih (Library) - smithDM2@pwcs.edu




Let’s Get Ready for Virtual Encore!

  • Encore will follow a 5-day rotation schedule as in previous years; however, this year there is no Encore on Mondays. Students will have Encore at the same scheduled time Tuesday through Friday, rotating through Music, Library, Art, and two PEs. Homeroom teachers will have a rotation schedule to share with you.
  • Encore lessons will be a mixture of synchronous (LIVE) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) lessons. At minimum, students will be meeting with each Encore teacher once every other rotation for a LIVE meeting.On a day when there is NOT a LIVE lesson, students will complete work on Canvas with a pre-recorded lesson.


  • When it’s time for Encore:
    • Students will go to their scheduled Encore class on Canvas. The page will direct the student to begin with Zoom for a LIVE lesson OR begin with the pre-recorded lesson.
    • If a student is unable to meet at their assigned Encore time they can make up that assignment at anytime that week– Students will go to their missed Encore class on Canvas. DO NOT click on Zoom; instead, click directly on the pre-recorded lesson.


  • How can I prepare my home for Encore learning?
    • During LIVE lessons, students will need their device with access to Canvas and Zoom as well as some space for small movement. (i.e. standing, stretching, marching in place). Headphones and a dry erase board might also be helpful for some classes.
    • Assignments needing specific materials, equipment, or space for more movement will be part of the PRE-RECORDED lessons and assignments. This means that students would be able to complete these assignments without needing to connect with Zoom at the same time.
    • If your student does not have access to materials or equipment necessary to complete an assignment, please contact your student’s Encore teacher for assistance.
Encore Virtual Schedule